OPA Guidebook

(First published on 2022.1, Last modified on 2022.4)

by Sangkeon Lee (sangkenlee@gmail.com)

This book illustrates how to learn and apply the OPA(Open Policy Agent) for software/service development. And this book is an English translation of my book about OPA published in South Korea at the end of July 2021.

I first saw the OPA when designing authorization for micro services for my customer, and I found that OPA is very cool and excellent technology, but it's hard to learn for the early stage because it's something different and weird than general programming languages. So, I searched for a book about OPA but some books illustrate the OPA in a few pages, and it's not sufficient to me. So I started to write a book in the middle of 2020. And finished writing the first draft in March 2021 and published a Korean edition in July 2021.

Because OPA is developing so fast, many features such as print function, in keyword(in future.keywords namespace) do not exist when I write. And more and more features will be added very quickly. I realized paper books are limited to quickly reflect the updates of OPA. So I decided to open this book and to keep updating with the OPA community.

If you want to contribute/join this project

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